Toulouse-Lautrec - "Different facets of the Belle Époque"

Muzeum Miasta Mysłowice

Mysłowice, Poland : 03.04.2019 to 30.09.2019


Following the success of this exhibition in Hungary and in Lithuania, original works by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec that compose it, are now first time in Poland, in Muzeum Miasta Mysłowice and this exhibitions is realized in partnership with Collection Kesauri. Exhibition is open from April 3, 2019 – September 30, 2019. Exhibition is featuring 53 exhibits consisting of original works of one of greatest Masters of the Belle Époque - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

The exhibition "Different facets of the Belle Époque" is showing how Toulouse-Lautrec illustrates the Belle Époque : splendid works on two series - one on thematic is illustrations for "Au pied du Sinai" of Georges Clemenceau, where are presented Jews, other representing illustrations for the popular ballads of Desire Dihau... This he did in an insightful way, capturing the essence of characters and places. Toulouse-Lautrec’s subject matter was to become thoroughly modern and he became an influential figure in the evolution of the art of the twentieth century. Also this work on "Au pied du Sinaï" can be viewed as Lautrec’s only foray into the political arena of his time.

Curated by Kesauri Aleksandre, Kessaouri Vassili, Adam Plackowski and Wojciech Kubowicz, produced and organized by Muzeum Miasta Mysłowice in collaboration with Art Expo S.I.A., in partnership with the Collection Kesauri. Also official partners of exhibition are Inter-Vax sp.j.,, owned by Mr. Wacław Górny and CONSITE Sp. z o.o.,, owned by Mr. Tomasz Szumlak.

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After a number of detailed introductions to the artist and his period, the exhibition is divided into 4 thematic sections:

1. Portfolio "Au pied du Sinaï" (1898).
2. Portfolio "Quatorze Lithographies Originales de Toulouse-Lautrec pour Illustrer des Chansons" (1895) (2e etat).
3. Yvette Guilbert - Toulouse-Lautrec's favorite model and superstar of his time.
4. Other works of Toulouse-Lautrec.

Section one - Toulouse-Lautrec's portfolio "Au pied du Sinaï" (1898)

Section one introduces visitors to one of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's greatest artistic passion: engraving, or lithography to be more precise. An exceptional series of works, the only exemplar printed especially for the Paris art critic Arsène Alexandre (1859–1937), friend of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and of writer of "Au pied du Sinaï" - Georges Clemenceau. Realized on Arches Paper with watermark "Arches France", with an additional suite printed in various tones on Chinese paper and with use of Japan paper for the cover.

This is followed by second section devoted to illustrations by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec French Melodies

The complete set of original lithographs “Quatorze Lithographies Originales de Toulouse-Lautrec pour Illustrer des Chansons” that represent definitive version of illustrations of French Melodies composed by Desire Dihau for lyrics by Jean Richepin. Lithographs was created from the original lithographic stones engraved by Toulouse-Lautrec for Éditions Joubert in 1895 and are hand numbered, on Arches wove paper with watermark "Arches France".

Section three - Yvette Guilbert

Sections devoted to Toulouse-Lautrec's favorite model and superstar of his time - Yvette Guilbert. With original lithographs by Toulouse-Lautrec and items related to the popularity of Yvette Guilbert.

And final section four - Other works of Toulouse-Lautrec

Some works of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec that are outside of a series.

The initiative is promoted by Prezydent of Myslowice - Dariusz Wójtowicz, by Inter-Vax sp.j., owned by Mr. Wacław Górny and by CONSITE Sp. z o.o., owned by Mr. Tomasz Szumlak.

The exhibition also counts on special partners Inter-Vax sp.j.,, owned by Mr. Wacław Górny and CONSITE Sp. z o.o.,, owned by Mr. Tomasz Szumlak.

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