Available works - more than 2800 items

Salvador Dali

about 1400 items - including the world's largest collection of original Salvador Dali's medals, memorial things, autographs of family members, memorials related to collaborators, art researchers and friends of Dali and Gala, drawings, serial and design works, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, works for manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, perfumes and high fashion.

Marc Chagall

57 original works in lithography technique, portfolio and solitary works.

Giorgio de Chirico

75 original works in the technique of lithography, portfolio and solitary work.

Pablo Picasso

25 original works in the technique of lithography, portfolio.

René Magritte

86 original works in lithography technique, 2 portfolios.

Henry Moore

27 original works in lithography, bas-relief, silver serigraphy, portfolio and solitary works.

Kees Van Dongen

16 original works in copper plate etching technique, portfolio.

Rockwell Kent

10 original works in etching-relief line cut technique, portfolio.

Paul-Émile Bécat

23 original works in etching (drypoint) technique, portfolio.

Paul Gauguin

29 original works in the technique of heliogravure, portfolio.

Edgar Degas

45 original works in the technique of heliogravure.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

45 original works in the technique of lithography and engraving, portfolios and solitary works.

Émile Bernard

21 original works in the technique of xylography, portfolio.

Hans Holbein (Younger)

80 original works in the woodcut technique.

Jean Cocteau

131 original works.

Leonor Fini

75 original works in lithography technique, design works.

Renato Guttuso

89 original works in lithography technique, design works, jewelry.

Eugène Delacroix

19 original works in lithography technique.

Various authors from Impressionism to the present day, the total number - over 400 original works (in alphabetical order)

• Alexandre Garbell
• Amanda Lear
• André Breton
• André Derain
• André Masson
• André Minaux
• Antonio Pitxot
• Arno Breker
• Berthe Morizot
• Camille Pissarro
• Charles Pry
• Daniel Boulogne
• Dorothea Tanning
• Édouard Manet
• Ernst Fuchs
• Ernst Neizvestny
• Frédéric Delanglade
• Jacqueline Lamba
• Jacques Hérold
• Jacques Lipchitz
• Jean Carzou
• Jean Commère
• Jean Verame
• Jean-Baptiste Armand Guillaumin
• Jean-Pierre Maury
• Joan Miró
• Lorenzo Quinn
• Luc Simon
• Lucien Fontanarosa
• Man Ray
• Max Ernst
• Mikhail Shemyakin
• Oleg Shupliak
• Orlando Pelayo
• Oscar Dominguez
• Paloma Picasso
• Paul Cézanne
• Paul Guiramand
• Piero Fornasetti
• Pierre-Auguste Renoir
• Victor Brauner
• Wifredo Lam

Memorabilia Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady.

Original art and design works of movie stars, the total number - about 70 original works (authors in alphabetical order)

• Anthony Curtis
• Antony Quinn
• Arnold Schwarzenegger
• Claudia Schiffer
• David Bowie
• Demi Moore
• Drew Barrymore
• Eugène Ionesco
• Ewan McGregor
• Federico Fellini
• George Clooney
• Giorgi Mikeladze
• Gloria Swanson
• Grace Kelly
• Jane Seymour
• Jean Cocteau
• Jean Marais
• Justin Timberlake
• Marcel Marso
• Michael Caine
• Nicole Kidman
• Penélope Cruz
• Peter Falk
• Roger Moore
• Samuel L Jackson
• Sophia Loren
• Sylvester Stallone
• Tonino Guerra
• Whoopi Goldberg

Katsushika Hokusai
and his circle
(49 original surimonos & 2 impressionists' memorabilia owned by Arsène Alexandre)

Hokusai school:
• Katsushika Hokusai
• Totoya Hokkei
• Ryûryûkyo Shinsai
• Yashima Gakutei
• Yanagawa Shigenobu
• Matora Ōishi
• Katsushika Hokuun
Kitao school (also known as the Shigemasa school):
• Kubo Shunman
Utagawa school:
• Utagawa Toyohiro
Kitagawa school (also known as Utamaro school):
• Kitagawa Utamaro

Horacio Cardozo

34 original works - paintings-giclées on canvas.